Fabric Glossary

Fabric Glossary


Apparel Unlimited active inspired collection is driven by the latest technology, styling and trends. Our Exclusive MESH designed polo shirts will given you premium performance will umcompromised comfort. We claim, we have taken performance to the next level.

Moisture Wicking

Hydrophobic or water-hating chemical quality within the microfibers of the fabric. The microfibers move sweat to drier areas, i.e from the skin to the exterior of the garment.

Snag Resistant

Fabric that minimizes the development of small loops, holes/tears and tendency to fray.


Mesh desinged styles promote cooling, breathability and maxilize comforts.


The moisture management prevents the growth of bacteria and kills germs, keeping you fresh odor free.

Soil Release

Fabrics that repel water, liquid and oil based stains. Excellent wash-n-wear.

UPF Protection

Fabrics treated to provide an ultraviolet protection factor, protecting you from harmful UVA and UVB rays.


A Stretchy fabric knitted with interlocking stitches by alternating sets of needles on a circular knitting machine. Interlock is the tightest knit gives the smoothest surface and the finest hand feel.

Pique refers to a weaving style, which is characterzed by raised parallel cords. It crates a fine textured surface that appears similar to a waffle weave.

Mesh is often defined as a loosely woven or knitted fabric that has a large number of closely spaced holes.

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